Court denies artists to travel

AN application by The Fiji Times distributer and general chief, Hank Arts, to go to Honolulu, Hawaii has been declined and rejected by Justice Thushara Rajasinghe at the High Court in Suva toward the beginning of today.

Mr Arts, who is accused of one check of dissidence with four others showed up before Justice Rajasinghe at the beginning of today.

Mr Arts had connected to go to Hawaii from October 6-17 to commend their wedding commemoration.

He is accused of Nai Lalakai Editor Anare Ravula, The Fiji Times editorial manager in-boss Fred Wesley, the organization and a letter essayist, Josaia Waqabaca, with one tally each of subversion.

The five are claimed to have distributed a letter in the Nai Lalakai daily paper in April a year ago that was probably going to be subversive.

Mr Arts has 30 days to offer the choice.

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