3D channels at Digitürk

Sports Betting Super League Every Week 3D Match Enjoyment Lig TV HD is broadcasting 2 hours of 3D every day on FTV (Fashion TV) channel. FTV Digiturk on the 120th channel! Digiturk is publishing National Geographic HD 3D documents on October. Deep Sea 3D, “Jewels Of The Earth 3D”, from the 385th Channel. “Special Screenings: Awesome Demolitions”, “Deep Sea 3D” and “Jewels of the Earth 3D.”

Digiturk presents 3D content for adults with Penthouse 3D channel.Digiturk has released 3d from Channel 399. Films of Cat and Dogs 2: Kitty Galore’s Revenge (Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of the Kitty Galore) in November.

Digiturk released 3D London 2012 Olympics and “Roland Garros French Open Tennis Tournament” on EuroSport 3D 372. channel.

In addition, Digiturk continues to publish DVD movies and 3D TV documents from DVDigi Lounge. Robots of Mars, Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia, 3D Sun, Adventures in Animation, Dinosaurs Alive, Wild Ocean, Mummies, Waking The T-rex movies and animations and Savaş Karakas’s Underwater Menu, Flying Dutch with Cappadocia, TV documentaries are being broadcast in 3D.