Digiturk Plus

Soccer matches do not clash with local series. You record one of the two programs shown at the same time as Digiturk PLUS and watch the other. You will not be condemned to the flow of broadcasting, you rule.

– With Digiturk Plus you can stop, reverse or forward live broadcast. You watch the favorite scenes again.
– With Digiturk Plus, you can watch in HD quality with the digiturk (hd receiver), which is 5 times higher than the normal resolution.
– With Digiturk Plus, you are not limited to standard sizes, you can watch beautiful documentaries, films and matches in 3D.
– Digiturk Plus offers you in a single box with dozens of DVDs, thanks to the DVDi feature. The award-winning films from HD quality movies are uploaded to the Digiturk Plus box with many programs from exciting foreign sequences to the best Turkmax series to the most admired Iz TV documentaries to memorable matches, constantly renewing. When you want, you can choose the program you want and keep track of it. (You can access the contents of your membership package at DVDigi.)
digiturk plus membership