How will you connect your Satellite Receiver internet?

If you connect your satellite Receiver with the Hd broadcast satellite internete immediately, you will not be condemned to broadcast stream.

How to connect Digiturk IQ

1 – Ethernet cable: After making sure that your Internet connection is active; connect one end of the cable to your satellite receiver, and connect the other end to your modem. Digiturk installation is ready to use when you connect your satellite receiver internete.

2 – Wireless access point: Connect your wireless access point to your computer. Introduce your cable internet to the wireless access point you are using. After you have done this, connect your wireless access point to your wireless access point. So your satellite receiver will be able to connect to your satellite receiver’s internet connection.

3 – Wireless access point plugged into the power outlet: Connect the wireless access point directly to the prize, connect the satellite receiver with the help of ethernet cable. Connect the other wireless access box to the prize and connect to the modem with the help of ethernet cable. When the light at both access points turn green, your satellite receiver will be ready for use. For a more economical viewing pleasure, we recommend using Digiturk internet without satellite on your satellite receiver

Make sure your satellite receiver is connected internete!
Once you have set up, you can check whether your internet connection is active by pressing the blue button on your control panel while in the Main Menu -> Setup -> Digiturk IQ Ethernet Settings menu on your satellite receiver.

Interactive Applications
LigTV, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many more applications are now available on your TV. You can share the program you viewed from Digiturk portal with your facebook account on your page; You can access videos via classified video option through You Tube or search option, you can view your pictures via your portal in your Picasa account, or you can follow the weekly goals, summary match views and corrections from LigTV application. Here you can find

– LigTV – Picassa
– Youtube – Mybilet
– Facebook – Limango
– Twitter – tvHAVA

Live on the bow!

When you want it, you can connect it to a featured satellite receiver. With an external Digiturk remote, you can stop and retrieve live broadcasts, record programs while you are not at home, and watch anytime. You can also access your music and photo archive by plugging in your USB memory card.

With the recording feature you can;
– You can stop live broadcasting, fast forward / rewind and do all of these in HD quality.
– When you record live broadcast on the channel you want, you can watch the contents you recorded previously on your external hard drive.
– Remote (WEB, SMS, Iphone and iPad) by registering the record you want to save your program while you are away from home.
– You can fast forward / rewind while watching programs you have recorded, you can go to the minute you want by entering a number from your control.

* In order to use the above features, you have to connect your external hard disk to the box and then format it for one time. Depending on the size of the fixed diskin, the formatting process may take some time.

Get your music and photo archive;
You can browse your album (jpeg) albums on USB stick or external hard drive or play your music (mp3) files.

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